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Week 1 – Whole30

Day 1 – Wednesday (2nd Jan 2013) – Too hungry to wait for dinner (got home a bit late and didn’t have anything ready), some leftover chicken breast made a great snack with avocado, Combram Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little white wine vinegar.

20130106 001

Baby spinach cooked in ghee, not a great photo but the spinach was a lovely brilliant green.

20130106 002

Beef Bolognese with Organic Tomatoes and loads of oregano.

20130106 003

This was a yummy dinner, except I ended up eating all the spinach, no leftovers.

20130106 005

Day 1 was good, daily fruit was cherries (I have a huge box, expect to see a lot of these).

Day 2 – Thursday – Breakfast was cold Bolognese with avocado (I like it cold for breakfast).

20130106 006

Day 2 lunch was amazing, but sorry, I forget to take a photo. Superior Gold make a lovely Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon with spicy Creole seasoning. It went great with my pesto, crisp salad and heirloom tomatoes. Lunch was so big I couldn’t eat my fresh raspberries and almond butter, so I kept those for a late afternoon snack.

Dinner on Day 2 involved some pumpkin prep. I put the oven on and baked four thinnish slices of pumpkin, with ghee on top. These were for a future meal. I made tiny diced pumpkin and pan fried the cubes in ghee until golden brown.

20130106 007

I divided the pumpkin cubes up for two meals, so I would get 3 meals from my big hunk-o-pumpkin (Queensland Blue I think, blue skin).

20130106 009

To make the curry, I used Ayam Coconut Cream

20130106 010

and Thai Gourmet Red Curry Paste (Whole30 safe – see label)

20130106 011

20130106 012

My very yummy dinner for Day 2, Beef Red Curry with Pumpkin Cubes.

20130106 013

I had it with a weak coffee and homemade almond milk.

20130106 014

While I had the oven on, I also roasted a bunch of carrots, as there was a heat wave coming, and I knew I may not be using the oven later.

20130106 015

Day 3 – Friday – Whole30 during a Heat Wave
Those yummy carrots ended up being breakfast at the start of the heat wave, with some crispy Bertocchi Porchetta cooked in duck fat, didn’t use much duck fat so also had a little cold coconut butter. It was yummy but I think I could have had less carrots, felt a bit sugary later on. Lunch was cold beef curry with pumpkin and some roasted salted macadamias. Dinner was cold bolognese and cold baked pumpkin slices. I had to really force those in, it was still 30 degrees after midnight, cool change didn’t hit until about 2am, did not sleep well. Enjoyed my Lime Galvanina Mineral Water (only a few bottles left and I can’t find it anywhere anymore) with lots of ice, some coffee flavoured icecubes I made with coffee & coconut milk. Experimented with the Zoko, but it was a fail, not enough sugar in the pops (I used coffee with barely any water and a whole can of coconut milk).

Day 4 – Saturday – Prahran Market & Palate

The next two are photos from the delicious selection of Paleo meals at Melbourne’s paleo restaurant Palate. My friend was visiting from interstate and we wanted to try everything. I had a very small breakfast as I knew I’d be having a big lunch.

Plate 1  (6 veggies & 1 meat, plus an extra meat)
Avocado smashed with red onion, tomato and lime
Grilled marinated mushrooms
Green beans with sesame seeds
Carrot and Zucchini Spirals
Beetroot with Shallots and sunflower seeds
Grilled Asparagus with Pinenuts
Smokey Bacon Rashers – meat choice
Herbed Chicken Breast – meat choice

20130106 018

Plate 2 (6 veggies & 1 meat, plus an extra meat & 1 extra veggie)
Avocado smashed with red onion, tomato and lime
Steamed Broccoli with herb butter (I asked for it with no butter)
Carrot and Zucchini Spirals
Cauliflower rice with garlic & onion
Citrus Infused sweet potato and macadamia mash
Lemon dressed rocket
Grilled Asparagus with Pinenuts
Herbed Chicken Breast
Chilli Garlic Prawns

20130106 019

Standouts were the avocado, chicken breast, chilli prawns, asparagus, super tasty cauliflower rice, beens with sesame seeds, sweet beetroot with crispy toppings and lovely sweet potato, but it was all delicious (I however could not eat all my broccoli, extra veggie not required).

We had a nice explore of Prahran Market.

20130106 020

They had some of the biggest blueberries I have ever seen, that’s a big carrot tip holding the sign, those things are massive! Unfortunately I had two punnets at home, or these would have come home too. Lovely staff at this stall – Pino’s Produce.

20130106 021

We left about 3 or 4pm and a lot of things were being sold for 1 dollar, so would be a great place to buy up cheap 🙂

We didn’t eat any of the no sugar icypoles at Ripe Organics, but they looked great (made with fruit and fruit juice). Ripe also had Artisana Coconut Butter, so we bought a few jars. They also had little tiny packets of Artisana Coconut Butter, which I haven’t seen anywhere before. Around the corner, the Prahran Health Food store also had little Artisana packets, including nut butters, they were however out of Coconut Secret Aminos. They have 15% off every 1st Saturday of the month.

Dinner was chicken breast pan fried until crispy in ghee, with a tablespoon of Frank’s Hot Sauce.

20130106 023

On a bed of pan fried red capsicum.

20130106 024

20130106 025
Yum! This will be breakfast for Day 5 too.
Beautiful fresh raspberries and I added some coconut butter too.

20130106 022

Day 5 – Sunday – I hit Nutritional Ketosis this morning (0.6).
Breakfast was lovely, I had the leftover chicken & capsicum cold.
Fresh blueberries with coconut butter too, but didn’t finish eating all of these at breakfast.

20130106 026

For lunch, some slow cooker mince and a frozen banana. Little lunch as I had breakfast late.
Dinner is Roast Pork Belly (salt, olive oil & fennel seeds), a few roasted shallots and roasted carrot pieces (carrot was to replace a rack, as I don’t have one), oven roasted thyme mushrooms, oven roasted beetroot salad and lemon rocket salad.
Day 6 – Monday
Breakfast was more Roast Pork Belly with shallots, carrots and lots of thyme mushrooms.
Had a coffee with coconut cream for morning tea.
Lunch was leftover slow cooker mince with oven baked white zucchini (in olive oil). Not sure if it was my cooking or the white zucchini but this was surprisingly amazing. I often cook with the dark green kind, I’ll seek out more while zucchini to experiment.
Macadamias and coffee with coconut cream for afternoon tea, then discovered iced tea made with tea bags of Twinings Infusions, yum!
Dinner was cold (super hot today) and the last of the slow cooker mince, with the last of the thyme mushrooms (these mushrooms were awesome, must do them again), fresh cherries and coconut butter. Had some avocado dressed with lemon & olive oil & white wine vinegar, yum and refreshing.
I ate more than usual today, but seemed to need it (appetite was crappy yesterday).

Day 7 – Tuesday
Breakfast was more Pork Belly with red capsicum & zucchini pan fried in ghee.
Lunch was the same, with a few macadamia nuts.
Dinner was made from lots of leftovers and unused veggies in the fridge: Beef & Chicken Massaman curry with bean sprouts, purple onion, spring onions, coconut cream & coconut milk. Curry paste is by Valcom and has no sugar (yay!) and Aussies might be lucky enough to get it at a local supermarket. Always check ingredients, even if the brand is the same.

20130110 003


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