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Whole30 finish line! w00t! w00t!

Things I have not done for 30 days: weighed myself, counted calories or carbs, eaten grains, eaten sugar (or honey or maple syrup, etc), eaten artificial sweeteners, eaten legumes, had any cheese, had any cream, had any butter, had any seed oils, had any diet soda, had something that came in a wrapper as a meal, said yes to eating crap because someone else wanted me to, consumed or cooked with alcohol, eaten any white potatoes, eaten anything SWYPO.

Yep, I’ve been compliant for a full 30 days. Whole30 Rules are here if you’re interested.

Could do better next time: Gotten more sleep, drunk more water, eaten out more. I’m not 100% sure on the water, as all the fresh veggies would have upped my water intake overall, I didn’t skimp on drinking, but felt I drank less than I used to. Sleep was actually hardest when I’m full of energy at the end of the day, late workouts made me even less sleepy. If I do this again, I will make more of an effort to eat out (compliant). I also wish I’d take more photos of my food. I was good at it the first week, then I just forgot and ate before I remembered a photo ūüôā

Things I have done in the last 30 days: very little snacking, celebrated a special occassion with a healthy meal, roasted two whole chickens, made my own pesto (more than once), made cold brewed coffee, made my own almond milk, packed or made a lunch for the next day (almost every day), eaten a lot of fruit/vegetables/nuts I used to avoid (cherries, pineapple, rockmelon, plums, apples, apricots, grapes, sweet potato, pumpkin, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, leeks, bananas, dates) AND maintained good blood glucose, tried new things (spaghetti squash, pomegranates, hot smoked salmon, kippers), cooked a pork belly, eaten at a Paleo restaurant in Melbourne (thank you Palate), cooked pork in duck fat, cooked kale in duck fat, eaten frozen bananas and oranges, made my own Whole30 Zoku popsicles, made a fish curry for the first time, made passionfruit coconut butter, cooked a massaman curry (a few actually), drunk coconut water during workout recovery, done some serious workouts and enjoyed them (200 leg squats more than once Рbooyah!), eaten salmon with capers, made spicy coconut prawns, made sweet potato hash, slow roasted mushrooms, made sweet potato fries, made sweet potato cubes, made pumpkin cubes, made pulled pork with spaghetti squash, discovered Mount Franklin mineral waters with essence, collected a variety of compliant hot vinegar sauces (Louisiana & Cholula) and learned to love coconut cream in my coffee.

Ways I’ve felt better over the last 30 days: felt more vibrant, had loads more energy, slept better, woken up alert (this is a BIG DEAL – no brain fog in the morning), been able to not only eat breakfast in the morning but enjoy it (previously I would have felt sick), not felt hungry between meals, not been sleepy in the afternoon after lunch,¬†been too full to finish a meal, had to actually stop myself from exercising as I had more energy than I needed, recovered quickly from a huge bruise (I usually don’t), recovered better and had fewer symptoms during sinus attacks, my joints have felt amazing (more mobility, very little pain and swelling from my arthritis), my skin is clearer, my eyes are less tired and dry and I have NOT heard my stomach or innards make gurgling noises (I thought they just naturally made a noisy¬†racket all the time).

What was hard: lots of food preparation! I did make this harder than it¬†needs to be on Whole30 (it was a personal goal for me from the start), for me part of this was breaking some bad habits I’d gotten into at the end of last year, cutting corners on food prep was one of them and not trying enough new recipes or ingredients. Aside from a pack or two of frozen veggies used in stir fries, I have not eaten any frozen meals at all and have eaten out only twice (both planned). Sometimes I spent some time in “food jail”, but even then I knew it was self imposed and it was a choice. I’ll be optimising my meals in future for easy as well as healthy, now I know¬†I can¬†do everything the hard way.

I lost 2.1 kilos on the scale, but have shrunk so much around the¬†middle I’ve had to retire a few pairs of pants.

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